Virtasant Tradeshow Video

Virtasant Tradeshow Video

Video Production
About the project: 

The November 2022 AWS re:Invent conference, held in Las Vegas is a huge event bringing together people and organizations from around the globe to connect and learn more about cloud computing.

One of the main features to vendor booths at these conferences is the video wall. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to produce a one-minute animated video for the Virtasant booth. Since it would be played on a loop throughout the conference, we knew we needed the graphics and animation to be attention grabbing. So, armed with Virtasant's kaleidoscope palette and a great script we got to work.

We focused on combining engaging initial animations with secondary movement throughout to keep the pace up and the video constantly moving. At about the mid-point, we switched up the dark background with a blast of colors to showcase key features to their cloud solutions. Finally, we matched the beginning and end animations to create a seamless loop that could play all day long.

“The video was like a bug zapper! It attracted people from all over the floor and was a real conversation starter...We couldn’t be happier with A+R’s work on this event.”

- Dean Bosche, Head of Channels, Virtasant

Interactive Design